About Us

Ambassadors Football Thailand exists to worship God by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the medium of football. We value football as a gift from God, through which we can worship Him. Furthermore, we use the relational opportunities created by the sport to verbally share the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. All our programs and activities are done in partnership and in support of local Thai churches, so that people may gather together to grow in the maturity of Christ’s love and worship God.

About Us 1

The seeds of Ambassadors Football Thailand were planted during a training conference in 2003, during which Ambassadors saw the great potential for football ministry in Thailand. However, it was not until 2006, when two Ambassadors staff members moved to Thailand and began playing with Chiang Mai FC, that this vision took root.

About Us 2

Ambassadors Football Thailand was officially established in 2008 by a diverse group including two Shan, one Japanese, and two Americans. From the very early days until now, the strategy of Ambassadors Football Thailand has been to support the local Church by helping them actively reach out to their surrounding communities through football.

The ministry today consists of 7 full-time staff members, who partner with 3 local churches/ministries, reaching approximately 120 kids/families on a weekly basis.

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